The Rest and Reset Experience

this December and January Only…

(and the Sunday after Thanksgiving)



A 90-minute ultra nourishing session

to rest deeply 

release tension 

clear your energy​

& return to your center

The experience includes:

Restorative yoga

Acupuncture to calm the nervous system and reset,

bodywork to ease tension,

energy work to cleanse and ease energetic congestion,

and tea to bring the experience in and home with you.

90 minutes of pure bliss that restores you and shifts your mood and energy.

Taught by us!:  Drs. Kathy, Jackie, Ally, and Desiree

Bring the family.  Bring a friend. 

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*class size is very limited so save your spots if you want in!*

November Experience:

Sunday 11/28 4:00

December Experiences: 

Friday 12/3 6:00
Sunday 12/5 4:00
Tuesday 12/7 6:00
Sunday 12/12 4:00
Friday 12/17. 6:00

January Experiences:

Tuesday 1/4 4:00
Friday 1/7 6:00
Sunday 1/9 at 4:00
Friday 1/14 6:00
Tuesday 1/18 4:00
Sunday 1/23 4:00
Friday 1/28 6:00

New & existing clients are welcome to purchase (one or several!).

$65 per experience

Questions or to purchase a gift card:  Email:  [email protected] or call us at 208-830-1668. 

Yoga & Core Strength for Spinal Health

(group assignment based on results of 20’ consultation with a physical therapist)


  1. Segmental stability – for those with one or more vertebral junctions that tend to sprain or “go out” 1-several times per year. 

  2. Wise Spine – for those spines that have more life, wisdom and “miles” to them.  Great for arthritis and disc degeneration

  3. Disc Health – for those who tend towards or have had pain from a disc issue (herniation, bulge).  Great for those 40 and under who sit and bend forward frequently.

***Coming soon*** Let us know if you’re interested!!  


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