Ways To Work With Us & Our Integrative Packages

1. A La Carte:

You pick your service and your provider.  Schedule as you wish.

2. Freedom Flex Plan

*most popular*
8-sessions with the practitioner of your choice and service of your choice
Use anytime within a year

3. Ultimate Transformational Package

3 month integrative plan of care – curated uniquely for you by one of our practitioners
All practitioners working together on your behalf
2 Initial Assessments plus 1 follow-up per week for 3 months
Unlimited free phone and email check-ins

Integrative Packages for Health Interest​

We all got together and designed these packages of 3-5 sessions with the best Vitam healthcare practitioners and services for you.  Save time and money.  Gain a ton of knowledge and care for the result you desire.

  • Aging

  • Concussion

  • COVID-19 recovery

  • Digestive health

  • Emotional

  • Energy

  • Headache & migraine

  • Joint health

  • Mind and memory

  • Osteoporosis/bone density

  • Pain

  • Sleep

  • Stress

  • Tightness

  • Sports and competition

  • Sexual health

  • Travel & recreation

  • Weight

  • Women’s health​

    • PMS

    • Fertility

    • Pregnancy support

    • Postpartum healing and return to fitness

    • Menopause and perimenopause

Limited Time Seasonal Specials

In Western medicine, as you know, healthcare recommendations do not change as the seasons change.  In other predominant medicines throughout the world and here at Vitam how you approach your habits and your days can vary significantly based on the season and your unique constitution.

  • Spring: cleansing & breaking through

  • Summer: abundance and play

  • Fall: the harvest and turning inward

  • Winter:  restoration and peace


Coming Soon!

Alternative & Complementary Health Insurance

Coming Soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re able to live your life fully today and remain capable and contributing through your tomorrows, you become wealthy in the truest sense

Q:  Do I need to have a referral from my MD to come see you? 

A: Nope!  No need.  Easy peasy.

Q:  Do I have to have health insurance? 

A:  Nope!

Q:  Can I use my health savings account for these services? 

A:  Yes! 

Q:  Can I use my flex spending account for these services: 

A:  Yes! 

Q:  How much does this cost?

A:  It depends.  Schedule a free consultation to learn what option is best for you based on the shift you want to make.  We will start with that as our number one priority, period.  Then, we will help you with payment options and plans.  If finances are a barrier to your healing, we will work with you to move beyond that as well.

Q:  Do you take my health insurance? 

A:  It depends.  See above.  

Q:  Will you see clients with Medicare?

A:  Yes!  We specialize in wellness and prevention services for all individuals.  People age 65 plus especially love and need our services.  Very few, if any, practices will offer advanced licensed clinical specialty care in fitness, prevention, feeling better energy, living a healthy lifestyle, getting better sleep, preparing for a trip, or preventing surgery.    What our doctors can do and what they understand is at a whole different level compared to what you can get with a personal trainer or gym trainer.  While those are great, this is clinical level.  Game changing!  We offer specialty package rates.  As we focus on keeping you well, preventing injury, and overall vitality and wellness (no diagnosis required! 🙂 our care is not billable to Medicare. 

Q:  How long is a session?

A: Typically around an hour.  

Q:  Can I book back to back sessions?  

A:  It depends!  Many of our clients will book back to back sessions…or even 3 lovely sessions in a row to make it a healing retreat day!  (oooh!!!  So good!).  Some insurance companies will not allow this, unfortunately, so if we bill your insurance for you do not book more than one session per day. 

Q:  Can you refer me to a specialist?  Or for imaging?  Or for specialty labs or bloodwork? 

A:  Yes!  

Q:  Can I schedule online?

A:  Yes!  Once you are a client you can schedule at 1AM from your phone while in your jammies

(yeah…we get you 😉 vitam.janeapp.com

Q:  Can I reschedule or cancel online? 

A:  Yes!  You can make any changes you want up to 12 hours before your scheduled session.  After that there are associated late-cancel fees so don’t delay if something is amiss (life!). 

Q:  Are you taking new clients and how far out are you booked?

A:  All practitioners will continue to take new clients (as our goal is to get you better so you only need to check in with us time to time or enjoy us as part of your wellness routine).  Depending on which service and practitioner you choose – some are available the same day (Yes to immediate relief!!!) and some are booked out 2-3 months in advance.