Integrating Organic Medicines for Healing and Vitality

Maybe you want to optimize your energy & health based on your unique constitution.

Maybe you’re tired of being in pain, or of not feeling your best.

Perhaps you know wellness and health. You’ve heard hundreds of “shoulds.” You’re looking to move beyond what conventional medicine offers. You want an integrative and holistic plan— curated especially for you—in accordance with nature’s seasons and the seasons within you.

Perhaps you want to simplify things. You don’t have time to visit multiple offices, telling your story multiple times. You want all of your providers to talk to each other and work together on your behalf.

Or maybe the last thing you want is even more “to do.”

Instead, you’re interested in professional care that holds you, supports you, and provides a healing boost.

Vitam Client .

I did not do well after getting COVID. My whole body felt tight and I was tired and run-down. The brain fog was frustrating for me and my family. The team at Vitam designed a program of Physical Therapy and Naturopathic, Chinese, and Ayurvedic Medicine to understand how the virus affected my unique system. I was so relieved to get my life back!

Vitam Client .

I don’t like taking pharmaceuticals. I want to know why my body is needing medicine. With a team of alternative and complementary medical doctors, I’m addressing root causes.

Vitam Client .

From the moment you walk in the door, you feel relief and support. This place is life-changing.


    Lasting Results


    Thorough assessment of health and energy.

    We create a holistic picture of you, your health and what matters most. We will review documents and/or tests from other providers. A specialized health care practitioner will do a thorough assessment and provide you with a holistic plan of care.


    What might be getting
    in the way?

    Identification and transformation of any barriers that have or might get in the way of you meeting your goals. Oftentimes a missed step in traditional medicine. Ensures efficient and effective results.

    3. RESTORE

    Nurture first. Establish a strong foundation.

    Restoration of vitality and energy. Treatments and guidance to ensure your body is coming from a nourished and restored place. Once here you’ll have a solid foundation to work from.



    Evolve into your
    future self.

    You understand where you’ve been and where you’re headed. You are nurtured and restored. Now nothing will get in your way. The remodeling happens efficiently from this place. You’re ready for treatment & guidance that takes you to your goal.


    Empower, maintain, CARPE VITAM!

    You’ve made it. You’ve healed, transformed and gotten through what once elicited dis-ease. You have tools, guidance and treatments to maintain your gains. You can level up anywhere, anytime. Carpe Vitam! (Seize the Life!)

    Dr. Kathleen Berg .

    The 5-pillar process is our secret sauce. It’s how all our clinicians work together on your behalf. It’s a system that allows the body to restore its innate ability to heal naturally.

    Vitam Client .

    I’d seen so many providers who wanted me to do more—more exercise, more medicine, more activity. Vitam was completely different. They focused on rest first. For the first time in many years, I felt like myself, on solid ground.

    Dr. Kathleen Berg .

    All too often medical providers start the “fixing” process too soon. Often, there are barriers that need to be removed first. At Vitam, we help remove barriers so treatments are easily implemented—and the results are lasting and effective.

      We look forward to treating you.