Our Name

“Vitam”  = The Life
Rhymes with “I AM”
Embodies the essence of Carpe Vitam: Seize the life!

The Quote on Our Wall

“In the end it’s not the years in your life that count; it’s the life in your years”
– Abraham Lincoln


Our Beginning

In 2014, Vitam was founded by Dr. Kathleen Berg as a holistic Physical Therapy clinic.

Dr. Berg was passionate about hands-on care, creating a safe & sacred destination for healing, and helping people heal and thrive. Her method was different, effective, and in high demand.

And yet, she knew there was more to offer and that people were asking for something more. 

She studied many of the medicines of the world, developing great respect for them and their different yet essential approach. She knew that collaborating with other medicines was the fuel for more powerful, lasting, natural, holistic, and effective transformation.

The Big Leap

In 2019, Vitam Organic Integrative Medicines was born.

A tribe of passionate doctors and healers came together to manifest our  collective wisdom.

We continuously learn from each other so that we’re not bound nor blind by our scope of practice. Instead, we’re empowered by working alongside each other and knowing how and when we can bring on other medicines to assist our clients.

  • We’re passionate about challenging the status quo of healthcare in the U.S.

  • We see the power and magic in using conventional integrative medicines and ancient wisdom that continues to stand the test of time.

  • We recognize that each individual has a unique constitution, warranting an individualized approach.

In 2022
, we founded Vitam University to share this approach to people around the world.



When you walk through the doors at Vitam, you’ll feel immediately welcome. You might even breathe a little deeper, as you feel the sun coming through windows that look out over the Boise foothills.

You won’t have to wait for a referral, fill out a lot of paperwork, decipher complicated bills, or repeat your history over and over again. 

We spend more time getting to know you and your goals, and less time on paperwork. We want to know how you’re sleeping, eating, and moving and where you’d like to be in a year, and five years.


Sometimes, shoulder pain can be related to the position of the liver. Digestive issues may be related to an imbalance of life force energy (chi). And anxiety may be related to your daily routine. 


Many health care providers don’t have the time or training to make these deeper connections. But these connections are the ones that help you make changes that matter—the kinds of changes that make you feel lighter, younger, stronger, and more at ease. 

We offer many types of treatment, classes, and workshops—all under one roof. You come to one office, but you benefit from the collective wisdom and training of all of our providers.


The old saying is true: You get what you pay for. When you invest in you and your health, it pays dividends. Those dividends are the freedom, joy, and vitality you experience—for years to come. 

We’ll help you become more invested in the quality of your life, and a new way of thinking, feeling, and moving through the world. 

Carpe Vitam = Seize the life!


Change is powerful. But it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes at least 30 days to develop a new habit, or create a new pattern or behavior.

Change is always possible. But it’s more likely when you have support, expertise, and accountability powering your approach. 

We want to help you create a plan specific to your needs that delivers lasting results. We won’t immediately start remodeling the house of you, without first making sure you have the scaffolding to support that house. We won’t spend time on approaches that aren’t delivering results. We will get you to the best provider(s) for you.